DynaVideo: Um Serviço de Distribuição de Vídeo baseado em Configuração Dinâmica

Luiz E. C. LeiteGuido Lemos de Souza FoThais Vasconcelos Batista

Most solutions proposed to implement audio and video distribution services have been designed considering specific infrastructures or have been tailored to specific application requirements, such as stream types or clients, which will be supported by the service. The performance of distributed services is becoming increasingly variable due to changing load patterns and user mobility. This paper presents the Dynamic Video Distribution Service - DynaVideo. This service was designed to distribute video in a way that is independent of the video format and to interact with different types of clients. The service may be used to distribute video over any digital network, however it is focused on the Internet. The main feature of the DynaVideo is the possibility of configuring dynamically the service to a specific demand.

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