Memória Cooperativa Distribuída para Sistemas de VoD peer-to-peer

Edison IshikawaClaudio Amorim

Conventional Video-on-Demand (VoD) systems are limited by the I/O server bandwidth as well as the network bandwidth. In this paper, we introduce a new technique called Distributed Cooperative Memory (MCD) that addresses such bandwidth bottlenecks so as to enable VoD systems to become scalable and interactive. The key insight behind MCD is to use the client buffers as a single global distributed memory in such a way that it can reduce dramatically the bandwidth requirements of VoD systems. In contrast with the conventional client/server VoD system, MCD implements a peer-to-peer VoD system, in which each client is also a potential VoD server. Through detailed simulations, our preliminary results show that MCD-based VoD systems are potentially scalable. These results suggest that MCD may have a promising role in the development of scalable and interactive VoD systems.

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