Uma Abordagem para a Implantação de Nós Programáveis em Redes de Comunicação

Cris Amon RochaAécio Paiva BragaJosé Neuman de Souza

Nowadays, we are facing in the computer network research community new challenges related to the concepts of programmable and active networks. Great efforts have been spent to make current data communication networks more flexible and dynamic. Unfortunately, such efforts are followed by complexity and, therefore, the process of deploying the mechanisms has been committed. In order to make this process simpler, this work presents an open approach for having programmable nodes that make computer networks more dynamic in terms of adding new services without increasing complexity. This approach presents SNPI (Simple Network Programming Interface), which is a group of skeletons and data structures resources that make possible to the programmers and developers a fast deployment of new services into the network. The mechanism presented allows the access to internal mechanisms of data flow processing in the network nodes.

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