Uma Arquitetura Adaptável para Provisão de QoS na Internet

Oscar T. MotaAntônio Tadeu A. GomesSérgio ColcherLuiz Fernando G. Soares

The variety of intserv and diffserv possible configurations as well as the various QoS provision techniques used in subnetworks makes it difficult to identify which model and subnetwork technology should be used to accomplish a specific service. Additionally, the fast technological evolution suggests the development of flexible architectures that accommodate, in execution time, adaptations nowadays only possible by less dynamic procedures such as hardware or firmware updates. This paper proposes an adaptable architecture for Internet QoS provision that is independent of service models and provision mechanisms, besides the used provider subnetwork technology. Through a generic framework definition, the paper shows how hot-spots can be specialized to implement the two mentioned models used for Internet QoS provision. Following this, the paper proposes a general architecture that allows the QoS provision representation, in hosts and routers, independent from service models and existing subnetworks.

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