HBH: Um Protocolo de Roteamento para a Implantação Progressiva do Serviço Multicast

Luis Henrique K. CostaSerge FdidaOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

IP multicast has been addressed since more than a decade but very little has been achieved as far as deployment is concerned. As a consequence, the Internet is likely to be organized with both unicast and multicast enabled networks. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to design protocols that allow the progressive deployment of the multicast service by supporting unicast clouds. This paper proposes HBH (Hop-By-Hop) multicast routing protocol). HBH adopts the source-specific channel abstraction to simplify address allocation and implements data distribution using recursive unicast trees, which allow the transparent support of unicast-only routers. Additionally, HBH is original because its tree construction algorithm takes into account the unicast routing asymmetries. As most multicast routing protocols rely on the unicast infrastructure, these asymmetries imact the quality of the multicast trees. Our simulations show that HBH outperforms other routing protocols in terms of the delay experienced by the receivers and the bandwidth consumption of the multicast trees.

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