QoS Fim a Fim Através da Combinação entre Serviços Integrados e Serviços Diferenciados

Antônio Jorge G. AbelémMichael A. StantonNoemi Rodriguez

Several alternatives for offering end-to-end QoS in IP internetworks have been proposed over the last few years. Recently, researchers of the IETF ("Internet Engineering Task Force") have proposed a model which combines the integrated services/RSVP and differentiated services architectures. In this scheme, the border routers between one region and another play a fundamental role, as they are responsible for mapping QoS functionality between the different regions. In this article, an agent for NS simulator (Network Simulator) is presented, which was developed to perform tasks in support of this mapping, which include the choice of a suitable Per-Hop Behavior (PHB), appropriate policing at the border of the diffserv region, and admission control in accordance with the resources available in the diffserv regions.

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