Gerenciamento dos Impactos da Internet sobre as Redes de Telecomunicações: da Teoria à Prática

Helvécio AlvimJosé Marcos S. NogueiraAntônio A. F. Loureiro

The explosive growth of the Internet is an unprecedented phenomenon, with relevant impacts on telecommunication networks. The Telephone System is particularly affected by the ever growing volume of dial up access to the Internet Service Providers (ISP's). The respective telephone calls compose "Internet traffic", which is a special kind of telephone traffic. Internet traffic presents some characteristics which differentiate it sharply from convetional telephone traffic. The explosive growth of Internet traffic, the longer holding times of the corresponding calls and its heterogeneous distribution among the various switches can lead to congestion, which represents a serious problem. Identifying the impacts of Internet traffic upon the Telephone System and dealing with such impacts, specially in developing countries, are the objectives of this article. In this sense, it presents initially the results of a vast research work that was developed in Brazil and had the city of Belo Horizonte (MG) as the focus. Afterwards, it describes how the proposed actions turned into reality, thus characterizing a significant example of how the impacts of the Internet can be managed. The implemented actions provided a remarkable support for facing the critical situation that resulted from the explosion of free Internet access.

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