Uma Metodologia para Verificação Formal de Protocolos de Roteamento para Redes Móveis Ad Hoc

Claudemberg FerreiraDaniel CâmaraAntônio A. F. Loureiro

A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is comprised of mobile nodes that can communicate directly with each other, leading to different topoloies along the time. In this kind of network, the routing protocol plays an important role since it offers the delivery of message to the upper layers. Currently there are several protocols published in the literature for MANETs that are not formally verified and, therefore, it is not possible to guarantee their correction. This paper presents a novel methodology for verifying routing protocols for MANETs. The solution proposed is applied to three well-known protocols (LAR1, LAR2 and DREAM). As result, we were able to identify previous known errors published in the literature, new ones and restrictions not mentioned in the original papers for all three protocols.

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