Uma Camada de Adaptação à Qualidade de Serviço na Internet para Aplicações Multimídia

Sediane LunardiFernando Luís Dotti

Since its beginning, the Internet has been used for reliable data transmission without delay, jitter or bandwidth guarantees. If compared to conventional discreet data traffic (e.g., text and images), the multimedia traffic of emerging applications over the Internet have different characteristics and QoS (Quality of Service) requirements. Several approaches have been developed trying to guarantee QoS. The development of applications that have the capability to adapt its behavior, depending on the network performance, is one example of such approaches. Within this context, this paper introduces the development of a QoS Adaptation Layer which incorporates QoS in multimedia applications with the purpose of improving their quality over the current Internet. This layer has QoS monitoring functions through RTCP packages and QoS adaptation functions through the application of adaptation policies. As a result, an Application Programming Interface (API) was developed. This API considers the scenario without resource reservation like the current Internet and offers functions to avoid the degradation of the various media streams composing a multimedia application.

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