Um Mecanismo de Controle de Admissão para Provisão de Serviços Diferenciados em Redes de Rajadas Ópticas

Igor Monteiro MoraesOtto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte

In this paper, we propose a new admission control mechanism for providing QoS in optical burst-switching networks (OBS). The proposed mechanism admits bursts of a given service class according to network load and a class-associated parameter. Based on this parameter, referred as load level, it is possible to differentiate the burst blocking probability experienced by each service class. We also develop an analytical model for the proposed mechanism and validate this model through simulation. Different scenarios are tested by varying the offered load and the traffic amount of each service class. The results show that the proposed mechanism effectively differentiates the services in all analyzed scenarios and always provides a lower blocking probability for the high-priority class bursts in comparison with other similar admission control mechanisms.

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