GigaManP2P Uma Infra-estrutura Peer-to-Peer para Gerenciamento de Redes Ópticas

Lisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleLuci PirmezElias Duarte Jr.José Neuman de Souza: Rossana AndradeLiane TaroucoReinaldo CorreiaAlexandre Lages

Managing long distance backbones based on high speed optical networks requires new solutions for challenging tasks. For instance, operators and users located at different administrative domains must communicate with each other in order to configure and monitor agreed quality of service levels. This paper proposes a novel peer-to-peer (P2P) management architecture for optical networks, focused initially on the new RNP Giga backbone. In the proposed architecture, peers provide, in a ubiquitous fashion, management information to modules that interface with both the optical infrastructure and the network users. This paper also presents preliminary experiments carried out in order to evaluate the processing overhead imposed by the P2P infrastructure on the SNMP-based management platform.

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