Web Services-based Provisioning of Connections in GMPLS Optical Networks

Fábio VerdiRafael DuarteFabrizzío Cabral de LacerdaMauricio MagalhãesEdmundo Madeira

In this work we present an architecture for provisioning of connections in GMPLS optical networks. Such architecture is based on Web services and allows the establishment of two kinds of connections. The first one is known as Soft Permanent Connection (SPC) and is triggered by the manager of the optical domain. The SPC connects two network elements belonging to the same domain. The second one is an end-to-end connection by which a given client can send data across multiple domains. In this last case the client needs to negotiate with each domain to verify the availability of resources. We describe the modules of the architecture and the implementation of the modules that are responsible for provisioning of connections. Simulations using the GLASS simulator have been done in order to test our approach.

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