WWTP: Um Escalonador de Pacotes para o Modelo de Diferenciação Proporcional Baseado em Janelas de Medidas

Alencar Jr.Mauricio MagalhãesJuan Manuel Adán Coello

Many applications that adapt themselves to available resources have lately become popular on the Internet, suggesting that absolute QoS levels are not essential for most applications. The Proportional Differentiation Model (PDM) constitutes currently one of the main service proposals for the Next Generation Internet and adds one more possibility for application adaptation. The present work investigates the PDM, situating it along other existing service proposals and presents the Window Waiting-Time Priority (WWTP) packet scheduling algorithm, which enables to reach the PDM objectives with higher accuracy than the traditional Waiting-Time Priority (WTP) and Proportional Average Delay (PAD) algorithms.

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