Definindo Critérios no Compartilhamento de Banda em Redes 802.11b sob Degradação de Performance

Celso Barbosa CarvalhoJosé Ferreira de Rezende

In an IEEE 802.11b WLAN, stations (STAs) can transmit using four different rates varying from 1Mbps to 11Mbps. This characteristic makes that a STA, transmitting at lower rates, captures the channel for a long term what penalizes the others in the bandwidth sharing. This "anomaly" originates from the CSMA/CA access method that gives equal channel access probability to all STAs, independently of their rates. This article investigates the problem and defines rules in the bandwidth sharing that benefit higher rate transmitting sta- tions. We use concepts of the IEEE 802.11e to implement the established rules in a priority control mechanism. At last, the results are evaluated with a fairness index expression from the literature.

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