Proposta e Avaliação de uma Política de Preempção de LSPs Implementada com Lógica Fuzzy e Algoritmos Genéticos em um Ambiente de Rede DiffServ/MPLS

Rodrigo VieiraPaulo Guardieiro

The increasing use of multimedia and real time applications in the Internet requires solutions based on resource reservation to provide quality of service. However, the ineffective use of these resources can reduce the performance of such solutions. Thus, in order to solve this problem, it would be necessary to establish traffic engineering strategies integrated with proposals of quality of service. A proposal of solution to such problem adopts the preemption approach to prevent idle resources in the domain, searching to take care of other traffics of higher priority. In this paper, it is proposed and evaluated a LSP preemption policy implemented with a fuzzy controller. The validity of the proposal is demonstrated by means of the results obtained in an experimental study.

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