Minimização de Fragmentação de Banda em Algoritmos de Roteamento para Engenharia de Tráfego

Marcelo CortizoJosé Augusto Suruagy Monteiro

Bandwidth fragmentation can occur in connection-oriented networks such as MPLS and ATM due to the order in which connection requests are pro- cessed. This problem causes the reduction of the overall number of accepted requests. Assuming that the set of connection requirements are known in advance, this paper presents a low complexity method to minimize the effects of the bandwidth fragmentation problem. This method is based on the solution of linear diophantine equations and executions of the Extended Euclidean Algorithm, computing a fragmentation potential measure for each link. These measures are used to proportionally increase the link weights therefore reducing the fragmentation caused by routing algorithms. This method was applied to MINHOP, and Su and Chen's modified MIRA algorithms. Simulation results showed the benefits of this generic solution by increasing the overall number of accepted requests.

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