Avoiding Low-Energy Areas in Wireless Sensor Network Data Dissemination

Olga GoussevskaiaMax MachadoRaquel MiniAntonio Alfredo Ferreira LoureiroGeraldo Robson MateusJosé Marcos Nogueira

One of the most important resources in wireless sensor networks is energy, since, in general, batteries cannot be recharged. The information about the amount of energy available at each part of the network is called the energy map and can be explored by data dissemination algorithms. In this work, a new data dissemination algorithm for wireless sensor networks is proposed. The key idea is to combine concepts presented in trajectory based forwarding with the information provided by the energy map to determine routes in a dynamic fashion. Simulation results revealed that the energy spent with data dissemination activity can be concentrated on nodes with high energy reserves. In this manner, partitions of the network due to nodes that ran out of energy can be significantly delayed and the network lifetime extended.

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