Avaliação de Técnicas de Descoberta de Conteúdo em Redes Peer-to-Peer sobre Redes Móveis Ad hoc

Leonardo OliveiraIsabela SiqueiraDaniel MacedoAntonio Alfredo Ferreira LoureiroHao Chi WongJosé Marcos Nogueira

Both Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Overlay Networks are decentralized and self-organizing networks with dynamic topology and responsible for routing queries in a distributed environment. Nevertheless, MANETs are composed of resource-constrained devices susceptible to faults, whereas P2P networks are fault-tolerant. Thus, we argue that these systems are not only similar, but also complementary, and that P2P networks are the ideal data sharing system for MANETs. This paper tackles the problem of integrating both networks from the point of view of content discovery. For that, we confront two classes of strategies: the structured strategy - based on distributed indexing - with the unstructured - based on flooding searches. More specifically, we study the performance of two P2P content discovery protocols over a MANET: Chord (structured) and Gnutella (unstructured). We use simulation to evaluate both protocols under many aspects and conclude that the choice of the strategy to be used depends on the application characteristics and the environment where it would be employed.

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