Replicação de Dados em Redes Ad Hoc para Sistemas de Apoio em Situações de Desastres

Luciano BertiniOrlando LoquesJulius Leite

This paper presents a data replication mechanism for ad hoc networks which aims to extend data availability and, thus, the application life time. Besides this, the number of replications is minimized, helping to reduce energy consumption. A mobile node replicates its data either when its energy is in a weak level or when it is in the imminence of loosing connection. For replica allocation, the bayesian decision theory is used, but with fuzzy states modeling and fuzzy observations made on the system. The result is a replica allocation method suitable for a very unpredictable environment, such as an ad hoc network. The proposed mechanism presents features that make it suitable for using in a disaster recovery system application.

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