Uma Abordagem Adequada ao TCP para o Gerenciamento de Localização em Redes Ad Hoc Móveis

Artur ZivianiSerge FdidaJosé Ferreira de RezendeOtto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte

The main location management proposals in mobile ad hoc networks have, as a common characteristic, two distinct phases: the location query of the position of a destination node and the transmission of a flow toward the destination node. This paper proposes to send the initial packet of a flow to learn the position of its destination instead of adopting a dedicated query packet. We show that such an approach specially benefits TCP flows. This TCP-tailored approach can be applied to previous proposals in location management with minor changes in their particular features. Results show that the proposed TCP-tailored approach reduces the cost of location management for TCP flows with respect to the conventional schemes. We also evaluate the benefits that different location services take from the TCP-tailored approach. Furthermore, battery consumption also decreases as the location management costs decrease.

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