Controle de Admissão e Diferenciação de Serviços em Clusters de Servidores Web

Antonio SerraDominique GaïtiKlecius CardosoGiovanni BarrosoRonaldo Ramos

The number of users of services deployed on the Internet has been increasing continually. This has been causing overload in a great amount of Web servers reducing QoS (Quality of Service) offered by service providers. Furthermore, users with different QoS aspirations have been forced to share available processing resources in a same way even they can pay more. This paper presents WS-DSAC, a diffserv-based admission control and load balancing mechanism conceived to improve QoS on Web server clusters. WS-DSAC has three main aims: to balance the imposed load, to guarantee different QoS levels and to use available resources in an effective way. We also present evaluation experiments showing the mechanism is able to perform these objectives.

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