Grid-Aware Network Resources Allocation using a Policy-Based Approach

Ricardo NeisseLisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleMaria Janilce Bosquiroli AlmeidaLiane Tarouco

Computing grids require the underlying network infrastructure to be properly configured for provisioning of appropriate communications among their nodes. The management of networks and grids are currently executed by different tools, operated by different administrative personnel. Eventually, the grid communication requirements need corresponding support from the network management tools, but such requirements are fulfilled only when grid administrators manually asks the network administrators for the corresponding configurations. In this paper, we propose a policy translation mechanism that creates network policies given grid requirements expressed in grid policies. We also present a system prototype that allows (a) grid administrators to define grid policies, and (b) network administrators to define translating rules. These translating rules are used by the translation mechanism proposed by this work for the generation of the necessary underlying network configuration policies.

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