A Methodology targeted at the Insertion of Data Warehouse Technology in Corporations

Walter PereiraKarin Becker

A particular interest has been observed in the Data Warehouse (DW) technology by corporations aiming to improve their decision processes. A large number of corporations that have no tradition on the use of computer systems for decision support, has to rely on a team qualified in the development of traditional operational systems and database technology, but inexperienced on DW development issues. Moreover, for a number of reasons (e.g. availability, costs, privacy), it is not always possible to count on external development teams or consultants. This work presents a methodology targeted at the development of DW pilot projects, which aims at the smooth adoption of DW technology by corporations. The methodology has been successfully tested in a military DW pilot project, and the results obtained so far confirm its adequacy and consistency towards the established goals. The paper describes the striking features of methodology and analyses its application in a real case study.

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