Self-Maintenance of Match Classes in Materialized Integrated Views

Vânia Maria Ponte VidalValéria Magalhães Pequeno

One approach that has been used for integrating data from multiple databases consists in creating materialized integrated views which are stored in a centralized repository. The queries on the view can be processed directly from the integrated view, with no need for accessing the remote sources. The main difficulty with this approach is to maintain the consistency of the materialized view with respect to the source databases updates. In a distributed environment, it is desirable that the materialized view be self-maintainable, i.e., that it can be maintained without having to access the source databases. Match class is a type of class that frequently occurs in integrated views and usually is not self-maintainable. In this paper, we present a technique for self-maintenance of full match classes. We also show that other types of match classes can easily become self-maintainable using full match classes as auxiliary classes.

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