MI-SBTVD: A Proposal for the Brazilian Digital Television System SBTVD

Luciano L. MendesJosé Marcos C. BritoFabbryccio A. CardosoDayan A. GuimarãesGustavo C. LimaDalton S. ArantesRichard D. Souza

The objective of this paper is to present a general overview of the Innovative Modulation System Project - MI-SBTVD - developed for the Brazilian Digital TV System. The MI-SBTVD Project includes an LDPC high performance diversity and an efficient multi-carrier modulation scheme. The building blocks of the system, its characteristics and most relevant innovations are presented. The performance of the whole system under different chanels is compared with the performance of the present-day Digital Television standards. The complete system wasimplemented in FPGA usimg VHDL language and rapid prototyping tools for DSP algorithms.

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