Uma Abordagem para Investigação de Sistemas Distribuídos baseados em Grupo na Internet

Marinho P. BarcellosMaglan C. DiemerAndré Detsch

Although a mature technology and with known cases of deployment success, group communication has not been extensively used in the Internet. One of the reasons for such is the perception that group communication systems exhibit communication and synchronization requirements that are incompatible with Internet large-scale scenarios. Although experimental evaluation of these systems in the Internet offers safer results, it is difficut to be carried out (due to logistics) and its results are hard to be reproduced elsewhere. (When IP multicast is needed, experiments are even more difficult to setup.) Simulation, in this case, may be used, because it allows the investigation of the target system under arbitrary scenarios, with and without failures. This paper proposes the use of a network simulator for the investigation of group-based distributed systems, allowing a researcher to evaluate the general behaviour and performance o protocols. The proposed methodology is presented through a practical case: the modeling and simulation of a group communication system (Newtop) which offers total order delivery of messages and consistent group membership control. A small set of scenarios are used to illustrate the power of this approach.

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