Appropriate Teletraffic Framework in IP over WDM

Helio WaldmanFernando L. Trazzi Jr.Moisés R. N. Ribeiro

Current WDM networks see the traffic burstiness only after it has been shaped by the aggregation process in upper layers (ATM or IP) and by the mapping process into a SDH transport layer. However, present trends point towards direct mapping of the IP layer into WDM. The mean residual waiting time of service by single servers of self-similar Pareto traffic is shown to dominate over the mean of any finite queue service time. It is derived in this paper that a sufficiently high number of wavelengths (multiple servers) used in pool will bring this mean to finite and even small values. However, higher moments of the residual waiting time distribution will always run away to infinity unless limits are placed on the wavelength holding time.

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