Um Modelo de Avaliação de Jogos Educacionais na Engenharia de Software

Utilização do Modelo E para avaliação da qualidade da fala em sistemas de comunicação baseados em voz sobre IP

Rafael SaviChristiane Gresse von WangenheimAdriano Ferreti Borgatto

Teaching software engineering through educational games is expected to have several benefits. Various games have already been developed in this context, yet there is still a lack of assessment models to measure the real benefits and quality of these educational resources. This article presents the development of a model for assessing the quality of educational games for teaching software engineering. The model has been systematically derived from literature and evaluated in terms of its applicability, usefulness, validity and reliability through a series of case studies, applying educational board games in software engineering courses. Early results indicate that the model can be used to assess the aspects of motivation, user experience and learning of educational SE games.

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