O Rerroteamento Parcial Pró-ativo em Redes baseadas em Circuito Virtual

R. de B. CorreiaE. L. CecilioA. P. M. DumontL. F. Rust da C.Luci Pirmez

Flow rerouting in virtual-circuit driven networks, especially in MPLS networks, is being considered a key mechanism for providing IP networks with high degree of availability and resource utilization. We present a rerouting scheme for, proactively, redirecting flows through alternative paths with sufficient resources. The rerouting actions are triggered by external messages, signaling the detection of a QoS fault tendency. Typically, such messages are generated by a proactive performance management system. Our re-routing scheme relies on active technology based infrastructure and Java programming. Test results not only show that it is possible to reroute application flows in a transparent manner but also establish the limits of our proposed rerouting scheme in terms of virtual-circuit extension.

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