Online Algorithms for the Server and Service Location Problem in 3G Mobile Networks

Olga GoussevskaiaDanielle G. ValenteGeraldo R. MateusAntonio A. F. Loureiro

How to design an infra-structure that supports multi-service provision and demand-driven resource distribution is a challenging problem that arises in third-generation mobile networks. One of the proposed formulations for this problem has been named as the Server and Service Location Problem. Due to the problem’s high computational complexity, heuristic techniques have been proposed to solve it. The time needed to solve large instances of the problem, however, remained unacceptably high, since the attendance of the demand must be made in real time, minimizing the response delays. In this work we emphasize the online nature of the problem. Two online algorithms of much lower computational complexity were implemented, and the experimental results revealed that, for high numbers of mobile users, their performance overcomes the heuristics implemented so far, both in response time and solution quality.

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