Estudo da Eficácia do Método de Diversidade de Caminhos para Aplicações Multimídia

Bruno Felisberto RibeiroEdmundo de Souza e SilvaDonald Towsley

A number of works have addressed methods to cope with the poor quality of service of the Internet. One of the proposed methods is to stream data using distinct paths connecting the source and the receiver to achieve better end-to-end loss behavior. One of the main advantages of this technique (called path diversity) resides in the fact that it is neither based on adding redundancy to the original flow nor making any changes in the current Internet protocols. This paper extends the analysis on the performance on path diversity encountered on previous work. Our studies address two main issues. First, the performance gains obtained are evaluated when the number of paths is increased. Second, we investigate the performance of path diversity when the streams that use the technique consumes a non-negligible amount of the network’s bandwidth.

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