Um Serviço de Gerenciamento para Controle de Densidade de Redes de Sensores Sem Fio

Isabela Guimarães SiqueiraLinnyer Beatrys RuizAntonio A. F. LoureiroJosé Marcos S. Nogueira

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have emerged as a solution for several applications, being capable of monitoring environments characterized by hard or even impossible physical accessibility. The deployment of sensor nodes in these environments cannot be always careful, leading to the use of a large number of nodes to reach the de- sired coverage. This could imply in a high density of nodes that has to be controlled to avoid causing negative effects in the WSN lifetime. This work aims at specifying and evaluating a management service dedicated to solve the high density problem. Based on the network state, the automatic functions, which compose the management service, become responsible for electing an initial minimum set of nodes to stay in activity and under failure circumstances act updating this selection. The primary consideration is to guarantee the sensing quality. Simulation experiments conducted show that redun- dancy, when controlled by a management service, increases the network lifetime without deteriorating the quality of service provided to the application.

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