Engenharia de Tráfego Dinâmica em Redes IP sobre Tecnologia MPLS: Otimização Baseada em Heurísticas

Roberto A. DiasJean-Marie FarinesEduardo CamponagraRoberto WillrichAdriano O. Campestrini

This paper proposes a solution approach for a dynamic traffic engineering problem in IP networks over multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) technology. The problem aims to maximize the overall throughput of the data flows admitted by a computer network, which are forwarded along label switched paths (LSPs) and further subjected to maximum end-to-end transmission delays and bandwidth constraints. To that end, a mathematical programming model has been proposed to configure LSPs along routes that meet QoS constraints, solved by a heuristic procedure. Computational experiments have shown that the heuristic procedure reaches near-optimal solutions relatively quickly while, at the same time, inducing QoS parameters of high quality.

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