Análise de Tráfego P2P no Backbone da RNP

Stênio F. L. FernandesGuthemberg S. SilvestreKelvin L. DiasJoão B. Rocha Jr.Djamel SadokCarlos Kamienski

Nowadays, there has been a dramatic growing of peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic on the Internet due to the ever increasing usage of the popular applications such as KaZaA, particularly for sharing large audio or video files and software. As a significant part of the current Internet traffic is generated by these applications, it is of paramount importance to understand and design strategies for provisioning of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) for taking into account this new scenario. Yet, to date, few researches analyze the P2P traffic, thus leaving a bulk of Internet traffic in dark. This paper describes the first analysis of the P2P traffic in the RNP (Rede Nacional de Pesquisa).

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