Efficient Incremental Sensor Network Deployment Algorithm

Luiz Filipe M. VieiraMarcos Augusto M. VieiraLinnyer Beatrys RuizAntônio Alfredo F. LoureiroDiógenes Cecílio SilvaAntônio Otávio Fernandes

We propose an efficient algorithm for incremental deployment of nodes in a wireless sensor network. By examining the distribution of node density, its energy level, and the sensing cover area, the algorithm indicates which position should have more nodes deployed and how many new nodes are necessary to cover the desired monitoring area. Our approach uses the largest empty circle problem, a well-known computational geometry problem which is Θ(n log n), to incrementally deploy sensors in a stressed wireless sensor network. Experiments show that our algorithm is very close to the upper limit and performance 2.5 times better than the random algorithm.

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