Avaliação de Sistemas de Coerência de Cache em Arquiteturas ODBMS Cliente-Servidor

Carla OsthoffCristiana BentesDaniel AriostoMarta MattosoClaudio L. Amorim

In this paper, we evaluate the performance of DSMIO cache-coherence algorithm implemented on both parallel servers architecture object-based database management system (ODBMS), and traditional client-server architecture ODBMS. The distinguishing feature of DSMIO is its use of the lazy release memory consistency model and multiple-writer protocol to reduce both the number and size of coherence messages required to keep coherent a distributed ODBMS across a cluster of PC servers. Using a large distributed database and several application workloads we evaluate DSMIO performance and also compare it against that of the well-known Call-Back Locking (CBL) algorithm. Our results show that DSMIO algorithm parallel architecture outperforms signi?cantly CBL for both architectures. Overall, these results suggest that designers of cluster-based ODBMS should consider DSMIO as an ef?cient option for developing future projects for both architecture ODBMS.

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