Atingindo o SW-CMM-2 Usando o MPG

Afonso Celso Soares Andréa Pivoto Patta Carlos Henrique Rodrigues CardosoRita de Cássia Bitencourt Cardoso

Researches have been demonstrated that there are a significant amount of software development organizations with small groups or organizations profile, around some people. These small working groups have strong necessity to use some software quality model, complying with some international software models, like SW-CMM, but without its inherent complexity. Due to this, the Instituto Nacional de Telecomunica��es - Inatel, has been developing the MPG model, that stands for Modelo para Pequenos Grupos (small groups model), as the consequence of SW-CMM implementation task force in its organization. This paper purposes to show the first Inatel�s experience on the use of the MPG model in two software projects. Specifically, this paper identifies the final results in these projects, some lessons learned and our expectancy for the future.

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