Diagnóstico, Definição e Melhoria do Processo de Software: um Estudo de Caso

Débora P. Diniz Tavares Rosely SanchesSandra C. P. Ferraz Fabbri

This paper describes a case study realized in an company whose business is related to internet, telecommunications and Website development. The objective of this case study was to evaluate and to identify the actual software development process of this company and to propose a plan to improve this process, based on level 2 of the SW-CMM model. To reach this objective it was used instruments generated by three Ms. works developed by the software engineering groups from UFSCar and ICMC-USP. These works correspond to a process evaluation questionnaire based on level 2 of SW-CMM, a tool that supports this questionnaire and a set of guidelines that helps to establish an action plan to initiate the process of improvement.

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