Aplicando Mensuração em Microempresas de Software para Suporte da Gerência de Projetos

Alessandra Anacleto Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim

Small software companies, in general, are restricted by limited resources besides the fact that they do not use systematically techniques and standards for the management of their businesses, which frequently results in problems related to quality and productivity. An essential infrastructure in order to analyze weaknesses and to identify improvement oportunities is measurement. What makes the application of metrics difficult in small companies is the lack of an adapted approach considering their specific needs. In order to facilitate its application in this specific sector with respect to the management of software projects, a measurement model has been developed based on the GQM (Goal/Question/Metric) approach. This model is based on the analysis and comparison of experiences gained through case studies in three small software companies. The model supports the planning of a measurement program focusing on project management and provides guidelines for its adaptation in a specific context.

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