FalaOCL: Uma Ferramenta para Parafrasear OCL

Geraldo ZimbrãoRodrigo A. MirandaJano M. de SouzaFrancisco P. NetoXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software - Gramado, RS, Brasil - 2002

The Object Constraint Language (OCL) is a language to be used together with other UML tools like the class diagram, and its main purpose is to states constraints in a class model. Moreover, there are many approaches suggesting the use of OCL to states Business Rules. Although OCL is an easy to understand declarative language, non OCL-familiarized programmers can experiment some difficulty in understanding OCL expressions. This paper presents the tool FalaOCL (OCLTalk). FalaOCL is a tool that paraphrases OCL expressions, that is, it generates an equivalent representation of the given expression in natural language. Using this tool, an user that does not know OCL or is not a programmer is able to understand OCL expressions. Then, this tool make easy to validate and maintain an information system.

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