LOrbEvent: Uma Biblioteca para Viabilizar o Uso do Serviço de Eventos de CORBA

Thaís BatistaNélio CachoGabriel GalvãoXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software - Gramado, RS, Brasil - 2002

The main purpose of this work is to present LOrbEvent, a library that abstracts the difficulties of using the CORBA event service and makes it feasible for the programmers to use such service without knowing the details about the CORBA specification and without having to use many commands to initialize the service. With the LorbEvent support, applications can be structured following the event based communication model without including long invocations to the CORBA event service. Moreover, LorbEvent includes features that the CORBA event service does not offer, originally: sending and receiving messages considering the subject of interest.

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