Quality in Brazilian Software Industry: an Evaluation of the Organizations Practices

Mauro Oddo NogueiraAna Regina Cavalcanti da RochaVII Workshop de Teses em Engenharia de Software - Gramado, RS, Brasil - 2002

The concern with quality in the software industry has been shifting from product to process, in the same way it happened to the manufacturing industry. Thus, several models, norms and standards of software quality have been developed. However, we do not have information that will allow us to assure that the adoption of such methods will necessarily imply in the effective implantation of the techniques and tools related to the quality levels Software Engineering defends. This work has as its objective to verify, in the context of software developing industries in Brazil, if this hypothesis is true. In Brazil, the Ministry of Science and Technology-MCT, through its Office of Computer and Automation Policies-SEPIN, has been performing, since 1993, a biyearly survey whose objective is to draw a profile of the Brazilian software industry regarding the adoption of the diverse models and practices related to quality. Using as a reference the model Goal, Question, Metrics, this work intends to correlate the several data obtained in the survey conducted by SEPIN, so as to validate the hypothesis formulated in the context of the Brazilian industry. The results obtained can be of great value to the academic field, the industry in general and for all the ones who formulate development policies in the software field.

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