Quality in Brazilian Software Industry: an Evaluation of the Organizations Practices

Flavio TonidandelMarcio Rillo

Mauro Oddo NogueiraAna Regina Cavalcanti da Rocha.  The majority of case-based planning systems consider an infinite case memory to store their cases. However, the size of the case memory is limited and it can become a barrier for case-based systems efficiency when it is full. This paper presents a method that refines and s cases in order to release memory space for a new case. However, in some situations, some cases must be chosen to be deleted, and the method incorporates a case-deletion policy that achieves a lower bound for coverage depletion. Besides this paper can deal with a limited quantity of memory to store cases, the case-deletion policy also reaches better results for coverage-preserving than the case-addition policy proposed by Zhu and Yang [11].

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