Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Tempo Real Embarcados Utilizando a Abordagem FOMDA: Um Estudo de Caso

Fábio Paulo Basso Leandro Buss BeckerToacy Cavalcante Oliveira

Using the MDA approach to develop real-time systems is a challenge. MDA requires real-time systems be modeled with a high-level abstraction, using platform independent concept, that are further transformed to low-level, platform dependent design or code. This work presents the FOMDA approach to help developers specifying models and managing transformations using the MDA technique. The FOMDA approach combines Features Model and MDA in an environment where developers can represent system characteristics with features and map them to transformation code that is responsible to generate the final application. This work also presents a Case Study using FOMDA to assist the development on an embedded realtime system.

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