Meta-Gerência de Agentes Procuradores Usando SNMP

Jordan Janeiro Anderson Oliveira da SilvaSérgio Colcher

Following the assumptions that: (i) the SNMP protocol is a widely accepted and used protocol and (ii) many equipments, from different types and sizes, adopt some form of mechanism that allows their monitoring or even their management in a broader sense, this work presents a solution that allows the integration of these equipments in an environment that can be managed through the SNMP protocol. The solution is based on proxy agents that can be downloaded to device controllers at runtime in order to allow monitoring and control. The management of the agents themselves (loaded and executed in the various controllers) is also administered by configuration management mechanisms (also using SNMP protocol). This scheme is what we called meta-management. Extensibility is provided by the use of eXtensible Agents, where sub-agents can be dynamically registered along with a master-agent.

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