JXTA PEER SNMP: Implementação de um Peer para Gerência sobre Múltiplos Sistemas Autônomos

Maverson E. S. RosaAldo M. do Nascimento Luciano SytnikElias P. Duarte Jr.

The Internet standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) presents challenges when the monitored system consists of multiple Autonomous Systems. These independent systems are protected by firewalls and other security devices. This problem is solved by using SNMP over a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network,which allows the communication of management information generated with SNMP,even among autonomous systems. This work describes the implementation of a management peer, JXTA PEER SNMP, and the construction of secure peer groups within the GigaManP2P framework. The management peer was implemented with the JXTA P2P platform, using a Net-SNMP agent and NetSNMPj management applications. Experimental results comparing the performance of JXTA PEER SNMP and Net-SNMP’s native implentation are presented.

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