Um Arcabouço P2P para o Gerenciamento de Redes Sem Fio de 3a e 4a Geração

Joseane F. FidalgoCarlos KamienskiLeonardo PereiraJennifer LimaRamide DantasDjamel Sadok

Distributed and scalable management is a key challenge for advanced and ubiquos service providing in the 3G/4G mobile wireless networks and in the current Internet. Policy-based Management (PBM) is a practical solution for dealing with the needs of those services, like autonomic configuration. However, existing PBM approaches are more suited to corporate networks and have significant limitations, such as scope of applicability and scalability. This paper investigates new management mechanisms for highly dynamic environments and proposes P4MI, an abstract PBM framework based on the peer-to-peer technology. Furthermore, it is also presented PBMAN, the instantiation of P4MI for Ambient Networks.

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