ch_hyperbone: Um Dispositivo para Execução de Programas MPI em Hipercubos Virtuais

Samuel L. V. MelloRafael CaiutaLuis C. E. BonaElias P. Duarte Jr.Keiko V. O. Fonseca

Several applications rely on distributed and parallel computing as a powerful tool for solving problems that require large amounts of resources. HyperBone is an overlay network based on virtual hypercubes that abstracts the heterogeneity of connected resources, providing message routing and delivery, and fault management. This paper presents the implementation of a software device that allows the execution of parallel programs based on the MPI standard on top of the HyperBone platform. Experimental results show the functionality of the device, the impact caused by the use of the hypercube topology on the throughput and evaluates the performance of an image rendering application.

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