Análise de Tráfego Peer-to-Peer baseada na Carga Útil dos Pacotes

Guthemberg SilvestreCarlos KamienskiStênio FernandesDênio MarizDjamel SadokII Workshop de Redes Peer-to-Peer - Curitiba, PR, Brasil - 2006

It is increasingly necessary to identify and successfully characterize peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic as it predominates in the Internet. Yet there is however no proven methodology to achieve this as it often hides itself behind well-known services and does not maintain fixed port numbers. This work analyses P2P traffic by examining packet load in the Brazilian academic network (RNP) and a commercial service provider (ISP). The obtained results show that P2P corresponds up to 60% of the total PoP-PE traffic and up to 40% in the ISP. Furthermore, this traffic has resulted in a significant change in profile in that it increased its outbound traffic to almost the level of inbound traffic.

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