LogMiddle: Um Middleware P2P para Replicação de Dados em Redes Móveis Ad Hoc

Fabricio A. DiógenesNabor C. MendonçaII Workshop de Redes Peer-to-Peer - Curitiba, PR, Brasil - 2006

Advances in personal device technologies, together with the wide adoption of wireless P2P networking technologies, have geared the use of the P2P paradigm in the mobile computing area. An interesting and challenging environment where P2P technologies could be employed is represented by mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). However, many of the issues dealt with by classical wired P2P systems are not applicable in such environments. Developers have to deal with a new set of problems caused by mobility, such as low bandwidth and loss of connectivity. During disconnections, users typically update local replicas of shared data, possibly generated by peers. Possible inconsistencies need to be reconciled upon reconnection. To support building mobile applications that share data over ad-hoc networks, this paper presents LogMiddle, a P2P middleware for mobile computing. LogMiddle belongs to class of solutions that focuses on replication as the key mechanism for sharing data over MANETs, and uses the concept of a single data log to reduce replica management and storage costs in each device.

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