Implementação de um Mecanismo de Indexação para Consultas Avançadas em DHT

Tarciana Dias da SilvaRamide DantasDjamel SadokII Workshop de Redes Peer-to-Peer - Curitiba, PR, Brasil - 2006

The most used techniques to distribute data on P2P networks are based on distributed hash tables (DHT), whose main advantages are robustness and scalability. X-Peer is a P2P middleware aimed at making easier the development of P2P applications and is based on Pastry, a well-known DHT routing substrate. However, systems based on DHT may compromise the result of user’s lookups when they do not have the full key information for identifying resources. This work presents an extension to the X-Peer architecture, through more elaborated indexing techniques, which allow more flexible queries, without compromising the scalability offered by the solution.

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